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Xiao Gui-Yun  ♀
Aliases:  Xiao Gui-Yun,  Siu Gwai-Wan
Born: 1941
Filmography (1978-2010)
  Director (10 films)
    Hope (1978)    
    Bao Zheng Apologizes (1979)    
    Tao, Li and Mei − A Love Story of Three Sisters (1981)    
    Escaped Convict (1986)    
    The Birth of New China (1989)    
    After the Final Battle (1993)    
    Chongqing Negotiation (1994)    
    The Lu Gou Qiao Incident (1995)    
    The Rising Sun and a Sudden Clap of Thunder (1997)    
    The Musician (2010)