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溫耀祖  ♂
Wan Yiu-Cho

Chinatown Kid (1977)

Legend of the Bat (1978)

Abbot of Shaolin (1979)

The Lama Avenger (1979)
tea house fighter
Five Superfighters (1979)

Mad Mad Kung Fu (1979)
Hell Gang's thug
Bat Without Wings (1980)
2nd robber at hairdressing salon
The Informer (1980)
Prison convoy guard
The Young Master (1980)

Rendezvous with Death (1980)

The Kid with a Tattoo (1980)
Zhou Bai's thug
The Convict Killer (1980)
Martial artist in deathrow
A Deadly Secret (1980)
Feng's Aide
Killer Constable (1980)
Undertaker's worker
The Fighting Fool (1980)

High Price (1980)
Lie's gunman
Challenge of the Gamesters (1981)

Revenge of the Corpse (1981)
Chuen Chun School disciple
The Duel of the Century (1981)