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江漢  ♂
Kong Hon

Lau Hai Meets Fairies (1963)

The Millionaire's Daughter (1963)

Garden of Repose (1964)

The Heroic Breed (1965)

The Adventures of 'I Have Come' (1966)

Romance of the Sword (1966)

I Have Come Again (1968)

Destiny of Love (1969)

The Golden Age (1969)

The Storm of the Ancient Bell (1970)

The River Dragon (1970)

The Flaming Bulwark of Miao (1973)

The Heroic Defenders (1978)

The Stranger (1979)

To Kill the Big Villain in Mt. Tai (1980)

White Hair Devil Lady (1980)

White Hair Devil Lady (1980)
Chiang Han<br>Red Fists (1991)
Red Fists (1991)

For Bad Boys Only (2000)

My Name Is Fame (2006)