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吳桐  ♂
Ng Tung

The Hero Becomes a Prisoner of Love (1950)

Bride a la Mode (1952)

Soul of the Jade Pear (1953)

The Rendezvous (1953)
Ng Tung<br>A Peaceful Family Will Prosper (1956)
A Peaceful Family Will Prosper (1956)

A Hymn to Mother (1956)
Ng Tung<br>A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1957)
A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1957)
Ng Tung, as Chow's pal<br>Tiger Wong Seizes the Bride (1957)
Wang the Bully Seizes the Bride (1957)

The Fool's Honeymoon (1957)

Parents' Love Tears (1959)
Ng Tung <br>Motherhood (1960)
Salvation (1960)
Ng Tung <br>Motherhood (1960)
Salvation (1960)
Ng Tung<br>A Tearful Life (1960)
A Tearful Life (1960)
Ng Tung<br>Many Aspects of Love (1961)
Many Aspects of Love (1961)

Father Is Back (1961)
It's Hard to Get a Loving Man (1962)
It's Hard to Get a Loving Man (1962)
Ng Tung<br>The Song of Love aka Sunset on the River (1962)
Sunset on the River (1962)
Ng Tung<br>The Song of Love aka Sunset on the River (1962)
Sunset on the River (1962)

Longing for Mother's Return (1962)
Ng Tung <p>
  God of Wealth (1962)
God of Wealth (1962)
Ng Tung<br>Revived Rose, The (1963)
The Revived Rose (1963)
Ng Tung<br>Wife and Mistress in the Same House (1963)
Wife and Mistress in the Same House (1963)
Ng Tung<br>When Spring Comes (1963)
When Spring Comes (1963)

An Ill-fated Woman (1963)

An Ill-fated Beauty (1963)

The Heartbroken Flower (1963)

The Lady Detective (1963)
Ng Tung<br>Our Dream Finally Comes True (1964)
Our Dream Finally Comes True (1964)
Ng Tung <br>A Deadly Night (1964)
A Deadly Night (1964)

The Bride from the Grave (1964)

A Blundering Wife (1964)

Tears of Pearl (1965)

Blood No. 1 (1965)

Two Swordswomen (1965)

Between Man and Ghost (1965)

Between Man and Ghost (1965)

Love Never Fades (1965)

Always in Your Heart (1968)

Mad Dragon (1969)

The Twin Swords (1969)

The Warlord (1972)

Cheating in Panorama (1972)

The Great Man (1977)

For Whom to Be Murdered (1978)

Edge of Fury (1978)

Butcher Wing (1979)

The Sword (1980)

The Master Strikes (1980)