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張清  ♂
Cheung Ching

Cheung Ching as Sue's brother Guo Yintian
Beauty Parade (1961)

The Greatest Wedding on Earth (1962)

Forever Together (1963)
One Queen and Three Kings (1963)
One Queen and Three Kings (1963)

A Blundering Wife (1964)
Cheung Ching<br>Cheating Is All We Do (1964)
Cheating Is All We Do (1964)
Cheung Ching <br>Book Without Words (1965)
Book Without Words (1965)

The Golden Cup, the Wandering Dragon and the Decree to Kill (1966)

The Woman in Black and the Black Dragon (1966)

Violet Girl (1966)

The Golden Cup and the Wandering Dragon (1966)
Cheung Ching<br>Master Cute and Da Fanshu (1966)
Master Cute and Da Fanshu (1966)

The Young Daughter-in-Law (1967)

Good Wife (1967)
Cheung Ching<br>Charming Little Bird, The (1967)
The Charming Little Bird (1967)

Miss. Mr. Mrs. (1967)

The Admirers of the Girl in the Mini-skirt (1968)
Cheung Ching<br>A Romantic Thief (1968)
A Romantic Thief (1968)

Opposite Love (1968)

Love Him, Miss Him, Hate Him (1968)
Wise Wives and Foolish Husbands (1969)
Wise Wives and Foolish Husbands (1969)

My Sweetheart (1969)

The Joys and Sorrows of Youth (1969)

Miss Fragrance (1969)

I'll Get You One Day (1970)

The Fascination Love (1970)