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Chow Chung (2)

Friend of Fung
Bride a la Mode (1952)
Chow Chung
The Rendezvous (1953)

How Wong Fei-Hung Set Fire to Dashatou (1956)

How Wong Fei-Hung Saved the Dragon's Mother's Temple (1956)

Wong Fei-Hung's Battle at Saddle Hill (1957)

How Wong Fei-Hung Fought a Bloody Battle in the Spinster's Home (1957)

A Fool in the Army (1959)
<br>Huang Feihong's Battle with the Gorilla (1960)
Wong Fei-Hung's Battle with the Gorilla (1960)

Wong Fei-Hung's Combat in the Boxing Ring (1960)

The Story of Wong Ang the Heroine (1960)

How Wong Fei-Hung Smashed the Five Tigers (1961)

The Story of a Family (Part 2) (1961)
guard<br>So Siu Siu (1962)
So Siu Siu (1962)