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邵漢生  ♂
Siu Hon-Sang

How Wong Fei-Hung Fought Five Dragons Single-handedly (1956)

How Wong Fei-Hung Saved the Dragon's Mother's Temple (1956)

Wong Fei-Hung's Pilgrimage to Goddess of the Sea Temple (1956)

Wong Fei-Hung Goes to a Birthday Party at Guanshan (1956)

Wong Fei-Hung Rescues the Fishmonger (1956)

A Beautiful Girl at War (1958)
Siu Hon Sang<br>Love Is What I Steal (Part 1) (1962)
Love Is What I Steal (Part 1) (1962)

Love Is What I Steal (Part 2) (1962)

The Heroic Breed (1965)

The Young Tiger (1973)