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Tien Shun  ♂

Lover's Rock (1964)

Song of Orchid Island (1965)

Song Fest (1965)

The Monkey Goes West (1966)

The Golden Buddha (1966)

The Knight of Knights (1966)

The Mating Season (1966)

Princess Iron Fan (1966)

Till the End of Time (1966)

Angel with the Iron Fists (1967)

Too Late for Love (1967)

Blue Skies (1967)
Tin Sam
The King with My Face (1967)
Grand Tutor
King Cat (1967)

Song of Tomorrow (1967)

Hong Kong Nocturne (1967)

The Bells of Death (1968)

The Bells of Death (1968)

The Angel Strikes Again (1968)

Mist Over Dream Lake (1968)

The Land of Many Perfumes (1968)

Flight Man (1973)