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費雲  ♂
Fai Wan

Many Enchanting Nights (Part 1) (1966)

The 14th Daughter of Hsin Family (1966)

Feng Yang Flower Drum  (1967)

Lady in the Tower (1967)

Three Swordsmen and the Dragon Door (1968)

Chuang Tzu Tests His Wife (1969)

The Combat "Six" (1969)

Black Bull and White Snake (1969)

The Young Avengeress (1969)

The Jilted (1969)

Eighteen Disciples of Buddha (1970)

The Fairy Fox and Ghost (1970)

The Ill Wind (1970)

Kings of Blade and Sword (1970)

A Real Man (1971)

Tsu Hong Wu (1971)

The Game of Marriage (1971)

Dragon Gate Swordsman (1971)

The Deceiver (1971)

Woman Guerilla with Two Guns (1971)

Story of Daisy (1972)

The Blind Hero Fighting Evil Wolf (1972)

Gambling for Gold (1973)

The Unscrupules General (1973)

The Undaunted (1973)

Golden Sun (1975)

Land of the Undaunted (1975)

The Knife of Devil's Roaring and Soul Missing (1976)

Showdown at the Cotton Mill (1978)