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程清  ♂
Cliff Ching Ching

Ferocious to Ferocious (1973)

The Big Fellow (1973)

The End of the Black (1973)

The Supergirl of Kung Fu (1975)

The Conspiracy of Thieves (1975)

Boxer Rebellion (1976)

The Great Hunter (1976)

The Green Dragon Inn (1977)

Death Duel of Mantis (1978)

Peculiar Boxing Tricks and the Master (1978)

Ways of Kung Fu (1978)

Adventure of Shaolin (1978)

Shaolin Kung Fu Master (1978)

One Foot Crane (1979)
Ching Ching
Fighting Ace (1979)

Your Smiling Face (1979)

Incredible Kung Fu Mission (1979)
Ching Ching
The Roaming Monk (1980)

Woman Grinder's Revenge (1980)
Shao Mu
Dragon on the Shaolin Tower (1980)

Iron Neck Li (1981)

The Last Duel (1981)

A Sword Named Revenge (1981)

The Boy from the Dark Street (1983)