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Su Chin-Lung  ♂

The Last Days of Hsin Yang (1968)

The Mysterious Knight (1969)
Chiang Hsing
Ringing Sword (1969)

King of Kings (1969)

Sorrowful to a Ghost (1970)

The Seisure Soul Sword of a Blind Girl (1970)
Tu's Albino Swordsman
Shadow Girl (1971)

The Mighty One (1971)

The Ghost's Sword (1971)

Forced to Fight (1971)

Mission Impossible (1971)

The Ammunition Hunters (1971)

A Real Man (1971)

The Matchless Conqueror (1971)

The Evil Karate (1971)

Duel with Samurai (1971)

The Hunchback (1972)