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Chow Gat  ♂

Chow Gat<br>Strange Tale at Midnight (1955)
Strange Tale at Midnight (1955)
Chow Gat<br>Wu Song's Bloody Fight on Lion's Bower (1956)
Wu Song's Bloody Fight on Lion's Bower (1956)
Chow Gat<br>Oriole's Song (1956)
Oriole's Song (1956)

Wong Fei-Hung Rescues the Fishmonger (1956)

How Wong Fei-Hung Saved the Dragon's Mother's Temple (1956)
Chow Gat<br>A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1957)
A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1957)

The Fool's Honeymoon (1957)
 <br>The Dunce Bumps into a Ghost (1957)
The Dunce Bumps into a Ghost (1957)
Chow Gat<br>Secret Book (Part 1) (1961)
Secret Book (Part 1) (1961)

When the Blind Man Sees His Son-in-law (1961)
Chow Got<br>My Friend's Wife (1962)
My Friend's Wife (1962)
Chow Gat<br>Love is What I Steal (Part 2) (1962)
Love Is What I Steal (Part 2) (1962)

Young Sparrow in Fright (1962)

The Claws of Horror (1963)

The Strange Hero 'Flying Swallow' (1963)

The Young Boss of the Factory (1963)
Chow Gat<br>New Schedule for the Baby, A (1964)
A New Schedule for the Baby (1964)

The Willow Knife (1964)

The Bride from the Grave (1964)

A Blundering Wife (1964)

Dreams Come True (1964)

Seven Fights with Nine Tail Fox (1964)

The Skeleton Whip (1964)

The All-powerful Flute (Part 1) (1965)

The Invincible Book from Heaven (Part 1) (1965)

Dim-Sum Queen (1965)

Blood No. 1 (1965)

Secrets of a Husband (1965)

Seven Unruly Girls (1965)

Elevator Girl (1965)
<br>How Master Cute Thrice Saved the Idiot Ming (1966)
How Master Cute Thrice Saved the Idiot Ming (1966)

Ji Gong and the 8 Immortals (1966)

Strange Romance on a Bus (1966)

Ah Chun Wants to Get Marry (1966)

One Duel Too Many (Part 2) (1966)

Romance of the Sword (1966)

Romance of the Sword (1966)
Lady Black Cat Strikes Again (1967)
Lady Black Cat Strikes Again (1967)
Chow Got<br>Waste Not Our Youth (1967)
Waste Not Our Youth (1967)
Chow Gat<br>Hell's Gate (1967)
Lady in Black Cracks the Gate of Hell (1967)

Tragedy in a Fishing Village (1967)

Love Him, Miss Him, Hate Him (1968)

A Blundering Detective and a Foolish Thief (1968)

The Assasinator (1968)

A Great Lover (1968)
Wise Wives, Foolish Husbands (1969)
Wise Wives and Foolish Husbands (1969)
Chow Gat<br>Sword of Emei (1969)
Sword of Emei (1969)

Wong Fei-Hung: The Conqueror of the 'Sam-hong Gang' (1969)

Wong Fei-Hung: Bravely Crushing the Fire Formation (1970)

Kill Without Compensation (1970)

Lucky Seven (1970)

Happy Times (1970)

Lucky Seven Strike Again (1970)

Tales of Larceny (1973)

Payment in Blood (1973)

Invincible Boxer (1973)

The Villains (1973)
Chow Gat
Kidnap (1974)

The Killer Snakes (1974)

Everyday Is Sunday (1974)

The Country Bumpkin-in Style (1974)

The Country Bumpkin (1974)

My Darling Love (1974)

Fun, Hong Kong Style (1974)

The Virgin Mart (1974)

The Dragon Lives Again (1977)

Hong Kong Emmanuelle (1977)

The Four Shaolin Challengers (1977)

The Crazy World (1978)

Crazy Partner (1979)

Two Toothless Tigers (1980)

Struggle (1980)

The Master Strikes (1980)

Till Death Do We Scare (1982)

Plain Jane to the Rescue (1982)