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Fung Mei-Ying (1)  ♀

A Cuckoo's Spirit (1954)
Ah Heung
A Hymn to Mother (1956)

Thinking the Wrong Way (1956)
Fung Mei Ying
Fang Shiyu Comes to Hong Xiguan's Rescue (1956)

Tears of the Flower (1958)

Parents' Love Tears (1959)

Long Live the Money (1961)
Fung Mei Ying<br>Love Is What I Steal (Part 1) (1962)
Love Is What I Steal (Part 1) (1962)

Phantom of the Jade Chamber (1962)
Fung Mei Ying<br>When Spring Comes (1963)
When Spring Comes (1963)

Madam Kam (1963)

Madam Kam (1963)

The Heartbroken Flower (1963)

The Lady Detective (1963)
Fung Mei Ying<br>New Schedule for the Baby, A (1964)
A New Schedule for the Baby (1964)
Fung Mei Ying <br>Remorse (1965)
Remorse (1965)

Secrets of a Husband (1965)

Doomed Love (1965)

Prince of Broadcasters (1966)
<br>Duel in Moonlight Bay (1966)
Duel in Moonlight Bay (1966)

Young, Pregnant and Unmarried (1968)