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艾迪  ♂
Eddie Chen
Eddie Chen reunites with Alex Cheung & Teddy Robin
Translation : Eddy Chen is willing to come out of retirement for famed Director Alex Cheung - by Charles Lai .... Veteran film director, Alex Cheung Kwok Ming found his former partner, actor, Eddie Chen (Ai Di) through Facebook. The pair had made some very successful movies together, such as the Golden Horse Award big winner, "The Man on the Brink". Over a month ago, Alex heard from Eddie that he would like to meet up with good friends, Teddy Robin, Mer Lee etc. for a night of celebration and karaoke. Alex said, "Eddie came to HK on a 4 days business trip and we spent 3 days together, going for dim sum, Japanese food and most importantly, we had a big karaoke buffet party." .... "How's Eddie's singing?" Alex laughed, "my singing is so so but it's better than Eddie's. Eddie has become Christian and he sang a hymn, 'Unreserved Love', which I think he had rehearsed for. Teddy said Eddie is a very keen singer but never mentions how well Eddie sang." I asked Alex if he had used the opportunity to convince Eddie to come out of retirement. Alex was frank, "I have invited Eddie to do a come back and he is interested. Eddie said, 'me and Alex are a winning pair' but I think Eddie has been living a private life for so long and he is so used to it."