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Unknown 90s Actor (15)  ♂
Mandarin: xìng míng xiáng de 9 s pèi jiǎo

Easy Money (1987)
Hussein's driver
God of Gamblers II (1990)
Hussein's man
God of Gamblers II (1990)

God of Gamblers II (1990)

Gangland Odyssey (1990)

Tiger Cage III (1991)

Deadly Deal (1991)
Ultimate Tricky Expert's thug
Tricky Brains (1991)

The Top Bet (1991)
Benny's bodyguard
Casino Tycoon II (1992)

92 Legendary La Rose Noire (1992)

The Sting (1992)

Crazy Love (1993)
Tat's gangster
Raped by an Angel (1993)
Taiwan policeman
Crime Story (1993)

The Untold Story (1993)

No More Love, No More Death (1993)

Crazy Love (1993)

My Father Is a Hero (1995)

High Risk (1995)