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Tai Sang-Po  ♀
Mandarin: shēng

A Cuckoo's Spirit (1954)

A Cuckoo's Spirit (1954)

Neighbours All (1954)
Tai Sang Po<br>Tragedy on the Hill of the Waiting Wife (1955)
Tragedy on the Hill of the Waiting Wife (1955)
Wong Man Lei, Tai Sang Po, Lai Man, Tong Kim-Ting (rear)<br>The House of Sorrows (1956)
The Sad Wife in a Grand House (1956)

Wong Fei-Hung's Battle at Shuangmendi (1956)

The Seven Heavens (1956)
Tai Sang Po, Law Yim-Hing<br>A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1957)
A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1957)

The Fool's Honeymoon (1957)

The Dunce Bumps into a Ghost (1957)

Tears of the Flower (1958)
(l)Tai Sang Po<br>Money (1959)
Money (1959)
Cheung Chi Suen, Lai Man, Law Yim Hing, Tang Kei Chan, Tai Sang Po
A Fool in the Army (1959)

Grass by the Lake (1959)
Tai Sang-Po & Fung Wai-Man
Tragedy of Love (1959)
Tai Sang-Po (left)
Mad About Love (1959)

Mad About Love (1959)

Tragedy of Love (1959)

Funny Misunderstanding (1959)

Funny Misunderstanding (1959)
Tai Sang Po <br>A Tearful Life (1960)
A Tearful Life (1960)
The Ten Brothers Vs. the Sea Monster (1960)
The Ten Brothers Vs. the Sea Monster (1960)

The Story of Wong Ang the Heroine (1960)

Three Females (1960)

The Deadly Whip of Bones (1960)

Autumn Leaves (1960)
Tam Lan Hing, Tai Sang Po
Woman's Affairs (1961)
Yung Siu Yi, Tai Sang Po<br>Vampire Woman (1962)
Vampire Woman (1962)
Tai Sang Po<br>Blood-Stained Shoe (1962)
Blood-Stained Shoe (1962)

The Greatest Wedding on Earth (1962)

Matrimonial Storm (1962)

Little Detective (1962)

Matrimonial Storm (1962)
Good Fortune of a Fool (1963)
Good Fortune of a Fool (1963)

No. 1 Lady Thief (1963)

The Unbearable Sorrow (1963)

An Ill-fated Beauty (1963)

The Heartbroken Flower (1963)

The Lady Detective (1963)
Tang Cheung<br>Conjuring Spirit at Midnight (1964)
Conjuring Spirit at Midnight (1964)

The Murderer Is a Ghost (1964)

A Blundering Wife (1964)

Hidden Love (1964)

Beware of the Husband (1964)

Homeless Children (1964)

The First Prize (1964)
A Blundering Wife (1964)
A Blundering Wife (1964)

I Am Just Twenty (1965)

Secrets of a Husband (1965)

Secrets of a Husband (1965)

Family Doctrine (Part 1) (1965)

Love Never Fades (1965)

Secrets of Marriage (1965)

Secrets of Marriage (1965)

My Many Sons and Grandsons (1965)

May Luck Be with You (1965)
Tai Sang Po<br>Black Peony (1966)
Black Peony (1966)
Tai Sang Po<br>Legacy (1966)
Legacy (1966)
Fung Mei Ying, Tai Sang Po <br>Legacy (1966)
Legacy (1966)
Tai Sang Po, Cheng Man-Ha<br>Smiling Fire, The Lady Thief (1966)
Smiling Fire, the Lady Thief (1966)

White-haired Lovers (1966)

Lady Black Cat (1966)

Finding a Wife in a Blind Way (1967)

Love at First Sight (1967)

The Young Daughter-in-Law (1967)
Tai Sang Po<br>Right to Love (1968)
Right to Love (1968)

A Blundering Detective and a Foolish Thief (1968)

A Great Lover (1968)

Lady Songbird (1968)

Lady Songbird (1968)
Wise Wives and Foolish Husbands (1969)
Wise Wives and Foolish Husbands (1969)

Teddy Girls (1969)

Teddy Girls (1969)

The Strange Couple Who Steal (1969)

The Joys and Sorrows of Youth (1969)

The River Dragon (1970)
Maid Ah Si
The Jugglers (1970)