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野狼 (2002)
Color of Pain
Alias: Colour of Pain
Origin: Hong Kong
Languages: Cantonese  English  Japanese 
Genre: Crime 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 01/10/2002 - 01/23/2002
Box Office: HK $1,890.00
  Sam Leong Tak-Sam
  Sam Leong Tak-Sam
Action Director
  Adam Chan Chung-Tai
  Sam Leong Tak-Sam
  Yoneyama Shin
  Sawada Kenya ... Tanaka Ryuya
  Raymond Wong Ho-Yin ... Joe Cheung
  Terence Yin Chi-Wai ... Dino
  Sam Lee Chan-Sam ... Cat
  Tony Ho Wah-Chiu ... Doggie
  Josie Ho Chiu-Yee ... Madam
  Kunimura Jun ... Ryuya's contract agent
  Lam Suet (1) ... Big Belly Wang
  Willie Wai Kar-Hung ... B Chai
  Hugo Ng Doi-Yung ... Mark
  Chow Hoi-Saan ... Mark's girlfriend
  Hidari Meiken ... Kimura
  Felix Lok Ying-Kwan ... Uncle Three
  Tsui Wing ... CID Ming
  Terry Lee Ji-Ming ... Brian
  Dai Siu-Man ... Wong Sir
  Goto Risa ... Kimura Ryoko
  Koieyama Akira ... Kimura's thug
  Ichinose Hiroiki ... Kimura's thug
  Sueyoshi Rika ... Policewoman hostage
  Ouchi Takahito ... Japanese reporter
  Sakamoto Hitoshi ... Kimura's thug
  Sunaga Kozuo ... Kimura's brother
  Suzuki Rikako ... Kimura's niece
  Lee Ga (2) ... Kimura's bodyguard
  Kam Loi-Kwan (1) ... Ruthless underground boxer
  Ho Wai-Leun ... Hotel bellboy
  Anna Yiu Kai-Sin ... Pregnant woman in bank
  Shum Ka-Bo ... Pregnant woman's husband
  Yeung Hoi-Tsz ... CID Ling
  Jeng Lok-Hang ... CID Keith
  Cheung Wai-Sang ... CID Ken
  Jeffery Chou ... Mark's thug
  Chiu Man-Tung ... Wiseguy arrested in club
  Che Jan-Bong (2) ... Ryuya's doctor
  Wong Kam-Tong (2) ... Man holding policewoman hostage
  Lee Chi-Ying ... Hotel resevation clerk
  Lo Kin-Wa ... Bank security guard
  Siu Chi-Ling ... Flower salesgirl
  Yau Ching (3) ... S TV news presenter
  Cheung Wing-Cheung (2) ... Long-haired underground boxer
  Coffee Hui Tak-Cheung ... MRT driver
  Lee Ga-Wai (2) ... Kid with football
  Chan Kwok-Man (2) ... Kid with football
  Wong Chi-On (2) ... Street cleaner
  Au Wing-Hin ... Street cleaner
  Gwok Shui-Wa ... Street cleaner
  Wong Hei-Lit ... Policeman
  Yeung Gei-Sing ... Policeman
  Chan Yiu-Kwong ... Policeman
  Sam Kin-Sang ... Policeman
  Tong Chi-Git ... Policeman
  Michael Mak Wai-Kin ... Mark's thug
  Ah Gwai ... Gary
  Baitoei Chantasombut ... Little flower girl in Thailand
  Joe Chu Cho-Kuen ... Kimura's thug
  Christopher Chan Sai-Tang ... CID
  Lai Chi-Wai ... CID
  So Wai-Nam ... SDU member
  Chang Kin-Yung ... Policeman
  Pauline Yeung Yung-Lin ... MRT passenger [extra]
Production Company
  Art Port Inc.
Filming Companies
  Matsushita Agency Corporation
  Same Way Production Limited
Assistant Director
  Lee Bing-Gwong
  Yeung Kin-Man (2)
Script Supervisor
  Cindy Ho Sin-Man
Director of Photography
  Joe Chan Kwong-Hung
  Coffee Hui Tak-Cheung
Art Director
  Joel Chong Kwok-Wing
Costume Designer
  Cheng Wan-Sze (1)
  To Siu-Lan
  Maggie Choy Yin-Ching
Hair Stylist
  Ronald Yeung Shun-Ming
Props Master
  Jackson Wong Wai-Ming
Sound Recordist
  Steve Chan Wai-Hung
  Jacky Leung Gwok-Wing
  Yoshikawa Kiyoshi
  Matsushita Junichi
  Shum Ka-Bo
Film Coordinator
  Philip Chan Chi-Leung
  Fukushima Shigeyuki
Production Manager
  Fung Chi-Wai (1)
Associate Production Manager
  Leo Lai Sai-Wa
Car Stunts Director
  Chan Kai-Tong
Special Effects
  Stephen Ma Man-Yin
Sound Post-Production Studio
  True Technic Limited
Re-Recording Mixer
  Murata Koji
  Chu Chai
  Props Co., Ltd.
Filming Locations
  Hong Kong
  It's the story of a professional Japanese killer who runs into some resistance during his latest assassination and after the ensuing shootout, ends up with a bullet in his head. He survives, but with this constant and at times quite painful reminder of the price of violence permanently lodged deep inside his brain, he changes his outlook on life. In fact, the only thing that keeps him from turning suicidal are the adrenaline rushes he gets from extreme situations. He begins to seek out danger and approaches it as if he didn't care about his life, and maybe he doesn't. While doing so, he gets involved with a group of criminals in HK, and makes friends with a young cop and former SDU sniper who can't get over the fact he accidentally shot a fellow officer.