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Heroine Kan Lien Chu (1976)
Alias : 甘聯珠大破紅蓮寺
Alias: Heroine Kan Liam-Chu
Alias : 大破紅蓮寺
Alias: Heroine Kan Lian-Chu
Country: Taiwan
  Hou Cheng
Action Director
  Lee Chiu (2)
  Ng Yuen-Cheung
  Polly Kuan ... Lian Chu [title char]
  Chia Ling ... Hung Ku
  Yu Tien-Lung ... Kuei Wu
  Yuen Si-Wo    
  Seung Fung (1) ... Lump on head
  Su Chen-Ping    
  Yee Yuen ... Ao Pai
  Leung Kar-Yan ... First curled headband
  Phillip Ko Fei ... Mailed gloves
  Yeh Hsiao-Yee ... Chi Chi
  Koo Kwan ... Secretary Lu
  Wong Fei-Lung    
  Man Chung-San    
  Chan Wai-Lau ... Grandma
  Grace Chan Suk-Fong ... Lian Chu's mother
  Wang Man-Jiao    
  Lee Chiu (2)    
  Chan Sam-Lam    
  Tai Ping-Kang    
  Wong Kwok-Fai (1)    
  Yiu Wai (2)    
Production Company
  Bian Sing Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
  Cheung Tak-Kon
Production Manager
  Sung Kong-Lung
Sound Recordist
  Wong Wing-Fong (2)
  Yeung Pak-Wing
Costume Designer
  Wong Cheong-Ming
  Shuei Chung
  Ho Chung-Yip
Assistant Director
  Hung Kam-Kei
  Wong Mau-Saan

Patriots versus rebels. The good guys start as a trio of swordsmen who gradually collect allies, including one by marriage, being the title character. The bridegroom is on the run and must depart, and his new bride decides to leave with him. But she must pass three skill tests before leaving. Then the group has to survive a series of traps before facing The Big Villain.