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The Eight Masters (1977)
Alias: 8 Masters
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Joseph Kuo Nan-Hong
  Chui Ming-Him
Action Director
  Wong Fei-Lung
  Joseph Kuo Nan-Hong
  Carter Wong Ka-Tat ... Chu Shiao Chieh
  Chia Ling ... Liu Lin Fung, one of the Eight Masters
  Doris Lung Chun-Erh ... Ming Chu
  Lau Lap-Cho ... Liu, Head of the Eight Masters
  Liu Ping (1) ... One of the Eight Masters
  Wong Fei-Lung ... To Lung
  Ching Lap-Wai ... Young Chu Shiao Chieh
  Shaw Luo-Hui ... Shaolin head monk
  O Yau-Man ... Shaolin head monk
  Cheung Shu-Chak ... Chu's mother
  Hung Fa-Long ... Liu Lin Fung's advisor
  Chiu Ting ... Liu Lin Fung's mother
  Lam Fai ... Woo Wei, one of the Eight Masters
  Li Min-Lang ... One of the Eight Masters
  Lam Mong-Nam ... One of the Eight Masters
  Phillip Ko Fei ... Ming, one of the Eight Masters
  Gai Yuen ... One of the Eight Masters
  Chan Sam-Lam ... Thug
  Ho Wai-Hung ... Thug
  Su Chen-Ping ... Wong Lei Chow
  Grace Chan Suk-Fong ... Liu Lin Fung's teacher
  Cheung Bo-Sin ... Shaolin monk
  Ngok Fung (2) ... Shaolin monk
  Woo Gwong ... Shaolin monk
  Wong Hoi (3) ... Liu Lin Fung's assistant
  Au Lap-Bo ... Waiter
  Hsia Hou-Chun    
  Wong Goon-Hung (2) ... Monk in training
Production Company
  Hong Hwa International Films (H.K.) Ltd.
Production Manager
  Lee Shin
Sound Recordist
  Lam Kwan-Chi
Art Director
  Chung Chi-Kwong (1)
  Lee Foo-Hung
  Cheung Fong-Seng
  Wong Wing-Fat
  Wu Hsia-Ling
  Joseph Kuo Nan-Hong
  Chen Hay-Lock
  Wong Chau-Gwai
  Kwok Poon Lee Kwan
Assistant Director
  Lau Yim (2)
  Stanley Chow Fook-Leung

Shiao Chieh is left to a monastery when his family is killed, and grows up to be an incredible martial artist. He passes a gruelling and weird series of tests, most of which consist of being whacked by bronzemen, and goes out into the material world. He returns to live with his blind mother and his cousin, Ming Chu, who keeps being visited by an older dark stranger. Shiao Chien soon discovers Ming Chu is not really his cousin, but the niece of a man whose earnest wish is to see him die.