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Avenging Boxer (1979)
Alias: Fearless Young Boxer
Wu Tang Collection VHS Title: Method Man
Alias: The Avenging Boxing
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Jimmy Shaw Feng
  Yiu Hing-Hong
Action Director
  Wong Gwok-Chue
  Peter Chang Chi-Long ... Xiao Lung
  Hwa Ling ... Xiao Ling
  Casanova Wong ... Wo Pa Fong
  Ga Hoi ... Lu Lin Hai
  Chan Wai-Lau ... Jen Tin Yen
  Lee Kwan (1) ... Shi Man Chun
  Lung Fei ... Tin Tin Yin [cameo]
  Ma Chin-Ku ... Stumpy stole his watch
  Wong Man-Chuen    
  Wong Wing-Sang ... The Magistrate
  Su Chen-Ping    
  Yuen Sam (1)    
  Hui Lap ... Shi's servant
  Philip So Yuen-Fung ... Pickpocket
  Geung Yee-Gwan    
  Pang San    
  Woo Hon-Cheung    
  Wong Gwok-Chue ... Thug
  Au Lap-Bo ... Street seller
  Pui Tak-Wan    
  Lui Wan-Biu ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Hong Kong Alpha Motion Picture Co.
  Hui Gam-Tong
  Jimmy Shaw Feng

A gang breaks up, and two of the members are targetted for death by The Magistrate, who has hired a kicking assassin. The son of one of the assassin's victims is in an touring acrobatic troupe. He witnessed his father's murder and swears revenge, but must significantly improve his fu skills first, as the assassin is a superb and cocky fighter.