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十八羅漢陣 (1975)
18 Shaolin Disciples
Alias: Eighteen Shaolin Disciples
Alias: Golden Arhan (IMDB)
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Hsu Tseng-Hung
  Chang Hsin-Yi
  Mang Fei (1)    
  Carter Huang Chia-Ta    
  Chang Yu ... Miao Yi Tao
  Hsu Feng ... Shuan Ching
  Wen Chiang-Long ... Chen Tai
  Wang Ching-Ping    
  Liu Ping (1)    
  Hsiao Yao (2)    
  Ko Yu-Min ... Abbot
  Li Min-Lang ... Bandit
  Shih Ting-Ken ... Monk
  Huang Fei-Long (1) ... Bandit
  Ou Li-Bao ... Ring toss vendor
  Chiang Pin    
  Lin Wang-Nan ... Monk
  Hu Ying-Ying (1)    
  Liu Lin (1)    
  Lui Wan-Biu ... Monk
  Huang Kuan-Hsiung ... Monk
  Li Chin-Kuang ... Monk
  Chou Tai-Sheng ... Monk
  Wang Chi-Sheng (1) ... Monk/Soldier
  Chiang Sheng (1) ... Soldier
  Robert Tai Chi-Hsien ... Soldier
  Ching Kuo-Chung ... Soldier
  Yeh Hai-Ching ... Bandit
  Ko Chang-Sheng ... Bandit
  Hsueh Chang-Wen ... Monk
  Unknown Taiwanese Actor (11) ... Monk
  Lee Fat-Yuen ... Soldier
  Chen Chin-Hai ... Soldier
  Unknown Taiwanese Actor (16) ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Heng Ting Deng (Hong Kong) Pictures Company
Assistant Director
  Wei Lai
  Chuang Yan-Chien
  Cheng Wai-Boh
Art Director
  Chung Chi-Kwong (1)
Costume Designer
  Suen Chi-Yung
  Lee Lai-Kuen
Hair Stylist
  Lau Tak-Yee
  Pan Yi-Lai
Sound Recordist
  Lin Ting-Kuei
  Huang Chiu-Kuei
  Huang Mao-Shan
  Peter Pan Chi-Chun
Production Manager
  Yen Wu-Tong
Filming Location
  Note1 - 1975 is an estimate. This film was made before Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue, possibly several years before. Note2 - Some sources identify this film to be an alt title of Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue. This is NOT correct, despite having three of the same lead actors. Plot - Chuen Chan spares the life of the evil Miao Yi Tao in a duel, and Miao swears he'll regret it ! Some years later, Chen Tai and Shuan Ching leave home, with the task of escorting the "guard articles" to the capital. The cocky young Chen Tai disgraces a group of bandits, who happen to work for Miao. Miao investigates, and suspects Miao's father has information about the whereabouts of Chuen Chan, also known as The Ghost Killer. This forces father to disclose a terrible secret to his children.