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The Crane Fighters (1979)
Word by Word: Three Fight(ing) Crane(s) (unknown char) Noise
Alias: Champ of Champs
Alias: The Crane Fighter
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Raymond Lui Shing-Gung
  Cheung San-Yee
Action Directors
  Raymond Lui Shing-Gung
  So Kwok-Leung
  Raymond Lui Shing-Gung
  Chia Ling ... Ping Erh
  Raymond Lui Shing-Gung ... Blue Fan
  Kam Kong (1)    
  Chuen Yuen ... Yang Su
  Yu Chung-Chiu    
  Ting Wa-Chung ... Shao Wei
  Cheung Bo-Sin    
  Hung Fa-Long    
  Chen Chin-Hai ... troublemaker in restaraunt
  So Kwok-Leung    
  Gam Ban ... Matchmaker
  Chen Chiu    
  Ting Kwok-Sing    
  Lam Gwong-Wing    
  Chang Chi-Ping    
  Ko Chun-Pang    
  Cliff Ching Ching    
  Wong Fan (2)    
  Cheng Ting    
  Tsang Chiu    
  Pui Tak-Wan    
Production Company
  Success Film (H.K.) Company Ltd
  Lam Chi-Wing (1)
Production Manager
  Chow Ling-Gong
Script Supervisor
  Chin Mei-Kun
  Tony Chow Kwok-Chung
  Chan Shung-Yiu
Costume Designer
  Wang Tzu-Ching
  Pang Chi-Yung
  Raymond Lui Shing-Gung
  Stanley Chow Fook-Leung

No subtitles. The daughter and son of a bean curd shop owner secretly practice the crane style, and their father is outraged at the discovery. The kids pick a fight with an official, then a trio of bullies, and a man with a blue fan comes to their aid. Later, a group of officials come to get the group, for reasons which were not clear (this detail was lost without the subtitles). The blue fan man starts to seriously woo the daughter, named Ping Ah, and they alternate between cooing and practicing crane style. This even continues into the wedding night, where the man has to get past Chia Ling's considerable defences to get his conjugals. But, wouldn't you know it, those pesky officials choose this exact moment to attack again. Damn, the newlyweds will have to cooperate against a common enemy.