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???? (1991)
Happy Chicken
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Adult 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
  Wai Chi-Ho
  Stephen Chan Yung
  Jo Jo Ngan Lai-Yue ... Herself
  No subtitles. Shot on video. This is actually two features. Program 1 is cheap and nearly-plotless porn. It opens with a very cute and busty nude girl in a shower with a guy wearing a blindfold. They work through the kama sutra for the next fifteen minutes. The story then changes completely, to the frustrations of two horny young housewives whose husbands are underperforming. The women, named Amy and Christina, hire a gigolo for a threesome, and end up having an argument about his fee. The end. Runs 60 minutes. Program 2 is a body show, featuring a stunning doe-eyed darling named Jo Jo Ngan. This 35 minute show is shot along the lines of an MTV music video. Jo Jo is followed wandering around the street, then in various other locations and in various states of undress. She does a lot of gyrating - stripping under a strobe light, dancing in a thin dress in a dugout mining pit and proving that she has no underwear on, dancing naked at home, and rolling around naked on a huge white sheet. There's also a bit at the end that shows her doing a screen test (or is it a beauty contest) at Shaw Brothers. She appears in nearly every frame, continuously smiling and looking very dewy-eyed.