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炭燒凶咒 (2000)
Dial D for Demons
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Golden Harvest 
Genre: Ghost 
Rating: II A (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 03/18/2000 - 03/31/2000
Box Office: HK $1,053,486.00
  Billy Tang Hin-Shing
  Rico Chung Kai-Cheong
Action Director
  Ma Yuk-Sing
  Billy Tang Hin-Shing
  Rico Chung Kai-Cheong
  Jordan Chan Siu-Chun ... Big Bully
  Joey Man Yee-Man ... Gabriel
  Lee Ann ... Pently
  Terence Yin Chi-Wai ... PJ
  Alice Chan Wai ... Sammie
  Winnie Leung Man-Yee ... May
  Siu Kin-Hang    
  Sze-To King-Fung    
  Chui Man-Wa (2)    
  Choi Ka-Kit    
  Sunny Cheng Shu-San    
Filming Company
  Golden Harvest (China) Company Limited
Production Manager
  Sunny Cheng Shu-San
Sound Recordist
  Teko Leung Chung-Wai
Art Director
  Andrew Cheuk Man-Yiu
  Jeff Mak Gwok-Keung
Props Master
  Jackson Wong Wai-Ming
  Yip Wai-Ping
  Yeung Kei (2)
  Lee Chun-Cheong
  Wong Wai-Keung
  Leung Tat-Ming
  Lai Pak-Chuen
  Chau Yan-Hung
Associate Production Manager
  Choi Ka-Kit
  Tony Miu King-Fai
  Robert Choi Hung
Costume Designer
  Elsa Chan Ki-Ling
Executive Producer
  Gin Lau Sin-Hing
  Stephen Chu Siu-Chun
  Raymond Chow Man-Wai
Assistant Director
  Ken Chan Hei-Ban
  Yau Jing-Saan
Hair Stylist
  Cheung Ka-Keung
  Jonathon Wong Bong
  The headlines report a young woman's suicide, suffocated by burning charcoal in a furnace. She was unhappy that her boyfriend has put football before their relationship. Commenting on the stupidity of the death, Bully, girlfriend Gabriel, Pently and PJ decide to take a short break at a resort, travelling with May and Sammie. When they arrive, Bully who is sensitive to the supernatural, can feel that something is unusual. Pagers start to beep delivering strange messages and dead bodies are found one by one...