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The Shaolin Kids (1977)
VideoAsia DVD: Shaolin Posse
Country: Taiwan
Language: English 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Rating: II (Hong Kong) 
  Joseph Kuo Nan-Hong
  Joseph Kuo Nan-Hong
Action Directors
  Chan Siu-Pang
  Cliff Lok
  Joseph Kuo Nan-Hong
  Chang I-Fei ... Captain of Army
  Polly Kuan ... Miss Liu Hsin Erh
  Tien Peng ... Lu Tung
  Carter Wong Ka-Tat ... Shang Kuan Tung
  Kam Kong (1) ... Chin Chen Shan
  Chiang Nan (2) ... Hu Wei Yung's son
  Yee Yuen ... Premier Hu Wei Yung
  Lung Fong ... Guard
  Chang Yi ... General Lu Chi Ying
  Cho Kin (1) ... Liu Po Wen
  Got Heung-Ting ... Emperor
  Seung Fung (1) ... Taoist Ching Hsu Kuan
  Gam Kim ... Kao Lu
  Shaw Luo-Hui ... Feng Chi
  Yuen Sam (1) ... Chang Tao Yuen
  Woo Gwong ... Chen Nien
  Liu Ping (1) ... Japanese
  Cliff Lok ... Wei Wen Chin
  Chen Chiu ... Japanese
  Lau Lap-Cho ... Emperor's advisor
  Wong Fei-Lung ... Liu Pao
  Yue Hang ... Doctor Chi
  O Yau-Man ... Yuan Chi
  Cheung Bo-Sin ... Boss Wang
  Wong Yeuk-Ping ... Student
  Ga Hoi ... Sze Ma Fei
  Kwan Ngai    
  Yeung Fui-Yuk    
  Nam Muk-Chan    
  Hung Fa-Long    
  Sham Chin-Bo ... [Extra]
  To Wai-Wo ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Hong Hwa International Films (H.K.) Ltd.
  Huang Tai-An (1)
  Jung San
Production Manager
  Lee Shin
  Sung Hong-Yue
  Wong Chau-Gwai
  Chu Hon-Kwan
  Stanley Chow Fook-Leung

Lui is a powerful ex-minister who opposes the ambitious premier Hu Wei Yen. Lui is assassinated, so his daughter Lui Sin and an assorted band of people loyal to the emperor seeks revenge and justice. The premier made a mistake - he allowed a scroll of battle orders to fall into loyalist hands. Lui and Co learn this, and vow to take this proof of treason to the emperor. But, though the loyalists have Shaolin on their side, the premier has two renegade shaolin, who say "Earth and Sky", which makes them invincible, as well as golden pills, which restore their health if badly wounded. And, naturally, there are loads of old men who stroke their long white beards whilst nodding their heads.