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Once Upon a Time in China and America (1997)
Alias: Once Upon A Time In China 6
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Empire 
Genre: Action 
Rating: II A (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 02/01/1997 - 03/05/1997
Box Office: HK $30,268,415.00
  Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
  Lau Kar-Wing (1)
  Sze-To Cheuk-Hon
  Shut Mei-Yee
  Sharon Hui Sa-Long
  Philip Kwok Wai-Chung
  So Man-Sing
Action Director
  Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
  Tsui Hark
Original poster
  Jet Li Lian-Jie ... Wong Fei-Hung
  Rosamund Kwan Chi-Lam ... Aunt Yee/Diana
  Xiong Xin-Xin ... Seven
  Chan Kwok-Bong ... Dr So
  Jeff Wolfe ... Billy
  Patrick Lung Kong ... Uncle Lone
  Richard Ng Yiu-Hon ... Uncle Han
  Ron Ring    
  Ryon Marshall    
  Freddy Joe    
  Joseph Sayah ... Bandit leader
  Roger Yuan Luo-Jie ... Dick
  William Fung Kwun-Man ... Immigrant worker
  Johnny Koo Kwok-Wah ... Immigrant worker
  Chrysta Bell Eucht ... Sarah
  Jason Dehoyos ... Fierce Eagle
  Daniel Lujan ... Flying Eagle
  T.J. Storm ... Rival Indian brave
  Roberto Lopez ... Bandito
  Lau Kar-Wing (1) ... Drummer at lion dance
  Mars ... [Extra] / [Stunt]
  Choi Kwok-Keung ... [Stunt]
  Fan Chin-Hung ... [Stunt]
  Wong Choh-Wa ... [Stunt]
  Alan Chan Yiu-Lun ... [Stunt]
Production Company
  Win's Entertainment Ltd.
Filming Company
  Win's Entertainment Ltd.
  China Star Entertainment Group (Hong Kong)
Production Manager
  Chin Wing-Wai
  Rita Fung Fung-Jan
  Bonnie Shum Wai-Man
  Shirley Yung Sau-Lan
Sound Recordist
  True Technic Limited
Art Director
  Horace Ma Gwong-Wing
  Dick Cho Kin-Nam
  Rita Fung Fung-Jan
  Jeng Yue-Lai
  Leung Yui-Nung
  Walter Gregg
  Raymond Lam Fai-Taai
  Johnny Koo Kwok-Wah
  Marco Mak Chi-Sin
  Angie Lam On-Yee
Costume Designer
  Rosa Chow Man-Git
  Che Chuen-Tung
  Mabel Kwan Mei-Bo
  William Fung Kwun-Man
Executive Producer
  Tiffany Chen Ming-Ying
Sound Editor
  Ramindra Sound Recording Studio
  Charles Heung Wah-Keung
Assistant Director
  Lau Kar-Wing (1)
  Lam Hak-Ming
  Sylvia Liu Jing-Yi
  Sharon Lam Suk-Ching
  Lemon Liu Yi-Man
Hair Stylist
  Chau Siu-Mui
  Lowell Lo Koon-Ting
Assistant Action Director
  Cho Wing
  Xiong Xin-Xin

Billy, a mysterious man whose identity is never revealed in the movie, wants to kill himself. Wong Fei Hung comes along and saves him. But soon, a bunch of Native Americans comes over and Wong and Billy try to defend the group, but Wong, his student (Club Foot) and Aunt 13 fall into the river and Wong's head hits a huge rock and looses a lot of memory. Somehow Wong is seperated with Aunt and his student, who end up in Wong's training center in California. They all try to find Wong with no luck. At the same time, all the Chinese in America are being discriminated against, but our western hero Billy, who is also highly skilled in guns, protects the Chinese and eventually becomes the deputy of the town. Meanwhile, Wong is "rescued" by the Native American tribes. Wong does not remember anything about his past, but does have some flashbacks once in a while. One day when they're out riding, they're spotted by Aunt 13, who follows them and is caught by WOng, who apparently has no idea who she is. She wrongfully gets the impression that Wong changed his heart. His student fights Wong in order to help him gain his memory back, which Wong finally gets when he falls into the water. Meanwhile, a groups of Hispanic terrorists have teamed up with the untruthful mayor to plot schemes involving money. Wong and his student & Billy battle the Hispanics in a profound finale. When the criminals are captured, The Chinese are welcomed back, with Billy elected as the new mayor.