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赤裸天使 (1995)
Angel Heart
Alias: 天使心
Origin: Taiwan
Circuit: Empire 
Genre: Adult 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 05/25/1995 - 06/14/1995
Box Office: HK $2,172,066.00
  Fu Li
  Fu Li
  Jessica Hsu Pei-Yong
  Vivian Hsu Jo-Hsuan ... Wenny/Annie
  Franco Chiang Kuo-Pin ... Little Fei/Mao Wei
  Chow Yue-Hau    
  Ku Pao-Ming    
  Chou Kao-Ying    
  Peng Xiao-Lan    
  Meng Ti-Chen    
  Tu Fu-Ping ... [Uncredited]
  Stanley Chu Wing-Lung ... [Uncredited]
Production Company
  Chang Hong Channel Film & Video Ltd. Co. (HK)
  Wong Jing's Workshop Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  Upland Films Corporate Limited (Taiwan)
Assistant Director
  Chung Bing-Wong
Script Supervisor
  Cho Kwok-Lee
  Chen Jung-Shu
  Choi Sam-Kat
  Lu Chun (2)
Costume Designer
  Yim Pui-Man
  Choi Hak-Kak
Sound Recordist
  Lin Shun-Lang
  Chen Po-Wen
  Fu Li
  Ng Dui
Planning Director
  Kevin Chu Yen-Ping
Production Manager
  Chen Chi-Yuan
Associate Production Manager
  Tok Chung-Man
Project Manager
  Lee King-Suen
Unit Manager
  Lam Sing-Kwok
Recording Studio
  Scholar Recording Studio
Still Photographer
  Yang Hong (3)
  An adult dramatization portraying one man's sexual fantasies, idiosyncrasies and undivided love for the woman of his dreams. [from the Tai Seng Catalog] Mao Wei was back from Yenwon Reformatory Division, where he was inhumanely treated for two years and wrongly blamed for his uncle's smuggling of amphetamines. The first thing he did was to see Annie, a girl he loved before. They soon got married. A half year after the marriage, Annie still remained a virgin as the brutal scenes in the jail came to Mao Wei's mind whenever he made love to her. Mao Wei decided to leave home so that Annie could find another man. Later, Annie was 6-months pregnant and she came and begged Mao Wei to be the baby's father. [Summary by Anonymous@hkcinema.Stanford]