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龍虎新風雲 (1994)
The Most Wanted
Alias: 龍虎新風雲之頭號通緝犯
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Newport 
Genre: Crime 
Rating: II (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 05/12/1994 - 05/22/1994
Box Office: HK $5,470,194.00
  Wong Gam-Din
  Taures Chow Yin-Han
  Clarence Yip Wai-Chung
  Susan Chan Suk-Yin
Action Director
  Mark Cheung Lui (1)
  Clarence Yip Wai-Chung
  Lau Ching-Wan ... Black Cat / Ho Chi Yung
  Bowie Lam Bo-Yi ... Sap
  Eileen Tung Oi-Ling ... Lily [intro]
  Kent Cheng Jak-Si ... Supt Cheng Ming Fen
  Mark Cheung Lui (1) ... Mak
  Kam Hing-Yin ... Supt Wong
  Joseph Lee Kwok-Lun ... Officer Li
  Robin Shou Wan-Bo ... Yip Huan
  Lee Siu-Kei ... Loanshark Chiang
  Leung Hak-Shun ... Police Commissioner
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (5) ... Policeman
  Leung Kei-Hei (1) ... Ping
  Lee Ga-Hung (2) ... Chicken Chuen
  Lam Kwok-Kit ... Sergeant Hung
  Unknown 90s Actor (14) ... Jewelry store manager
  Unknown 90s Police Actor (1) ... Policeman
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (6) ... Policeman
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (7) ... Policeman
  Wong Man-Chun ... Policeman
  Simon Cheung Yuk-San ... Policeman
  Unknown 90s Actor (25)    
Filming Company
  Two Ways
Assistant Director
  Cary Cheng   Gwok Wai-Sing
  Gigo Lee Ji-Hang
  Eric Chan Hoi-Yan
Art Director
  Lee Chi-Keung (1)   Ken Chiu Kin-San
Costume Designer
  Poon An-Ying
  Heidi Chun Sau-Ha
Hair Stylist
  Samuel Wong Kwok-Hung
  Cheng Chak-Man
  Lee Hon-Chung
Sound Recordist
  Kei Wang-Yuen
  Norman Wong Chi-Hung
Assistant Action Director
  Yeung Sing-Chi
  Clarence Yip Wai-Chung   Wong Man-Gam
Production Manager
  Tsui Lung   Sunny Cheng Shu-San
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  A rookie cop who graduated at the top of his class enthusiastically accepts a dangerous undercover mission. A botched police raid leads to betrayal and the young rookie finds himself being one of the most wanted criminals in Hong Kong. [Tai Seng Catalog]