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砵蘭街大少 (1993)
The Prince of Portland Street
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Regal 
Genre: Crime 
Theatrical Run: 10/07/1993 - 10/19/1993
Box Office: HK $5,785,703.00
  Cheung Gon-Man
  Yip Gong-Yam
Action Director
  Law Keung
  Rainy Chan Choi-Yin
  Ben Cheung Ban
  Dicky Cheung Wai-Kin ... Biggie
  Simon Yam Tat-Wah ... Pao
  Anita Yuen Wing-Yee ... Yiu Yiu
  Sarah Lee Lai-Yui ... Cookie
  Tommy Wong Kwong-Leung ... Brother Chi
  Fong Ping (2)    
  Lily Lee Lee-Lee ... Pao's last girl [cameo]
  Chan Wan-Kei    
  Lau Chiu-Fan    
  Jacky Cheung Chun-Hung ... Thug
  Wong Ching-Yee (1)    
  Lam Kwok-Kit    
  Patrick Ling Chi-Hung ... Thug
  So Wai-Nam ... Policeman
  Lui Siu-Ming ... Policeman
  Fei Pak ... Policeman
  Hui Sze-Man ... Nurse
  Georgiana Poon Ying-Tung    
  Chu Tat-Hang    
  Yuen Suk-Kam    
  Lam Ying-Hung    
  Ng Chui-Yi    
  Man Hung    
  Cheung Pooi-Si (2)    
  Hau Wai-Yee    
  Cheung Kai-Chi (2)    
  Chan Shiu-Wa ... Thug
  Unknown 90s Actor (13) ... Doctor
Production Companies
  Sam Po Film Co
  Universe Laser & Video Co., Ltd.
Filming Company
  Sam Po Film Co
  Regal Films Distribution Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Chung Wai-Hung
Script Supervisor
  Henry Ng Hin-Wing
  Mok Chak-Yan
2nd Unit Cinematographer
  Ng Wing-Git (2)
  Cheng Ga-Shing (1)
  Tam Kin-Fat
Art Director
  Wai Lam (1)
Costume Designer
  Wan Lai-Yee
  Carmen Man Lai-Yee
Hair Stylist
  Ng Yuk-Ho
  Yip Kwok-Chi
  Cheng Keung
  Stephen Shing Gam-Wing
  Music Library
  Musu House
  Tece Music
  108 Records Ltd., Co.
  Daneil Lam Siu-Ming
  Wynn Lau Chun-Fai
Production Manager
  Jason Fung Man-Git
Associate Production Manager
  Kei Hin-Yin
Car Stunts Director
  Sai Hung
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Pow was once a famed pimp dubbed "The Prince Of Portland St." but now he is only known as "Silly Pow" after a street fight left him brain damaged. His best friend Tau and his girl sidekick Yiu help him to regain his life in this dramatic actioner. [Tai Seng Catalog] Biggie is the snivelling underling of his boss and big brother, Pimp Pao, the title char. But things are reversed when Pao suffers brain damage in a fight and loses it. Biggie inherits the title and Pao is his underling. A dented fender brings the boys together with two women. One is golddigger Yiu Yiu, the other her club hostess flatmate Cookie. Things develop.....