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武林聖鬥士 (1992)
Deadend of Besiegers
Alias: 東瀛遊俠
Alias: The Japanese Warrior
Alias: 蕩寇英雄
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Circuit: Silver 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Theatrical Run: 08/06/1992 - 08/12/1992
Box Office: HK $440,170.00
  Zhang Siu-Wai
  Lin Xiang-Pei
  Ba Tong
Action Directors
  Yu Rong-Guang
  Wang Hua (3)
  Wang Rong (1)
  Yu Rong-Guang ... Wuwechimatao
  Cynthia Khan ... Cui Gu
  Yu Hai (1) ... Cui Gu's father
  Ji Chun-Hua ... Japanese pirate lord
  Li Zhi-Zhou    
  Ge Chun-Yan ... Tian Peng's mother
  Jin De-Mao    
  Dale Cook ... Gaijin who beats Wuwech
  Xu Jie (3)    
  Chang Rong    
  Wang Hua (3)    
  Zhang Jian-Wen (1)    
Production Company
  Rising Fortune Films Co., (H.K.)
  Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Sze Yeung-Ping
  Lee King-Chung
  Ling Yun (3)
  Li Ming (4)
  Chau Pak-Ling
  Tou Siu-Fan
Art Director
  Har Qing-Guo
Costume Designer
  Lu Yue-Ying
  Li Yan-Wen
  Lee Yuk-Ping
  Ching Hung
  Shen Ke-Jiang
  Wu Bou-Ga
  Lam Kei-Hung
Sound Recordist
  Huang Jun-Shi
  Zhang Wang (1)
  Koo Chi-Wai (1)
  Zhang Shao-Tong
  Chen Yong-Tie
  Chen Xin-Hua
Production Manager
  Ho Ching (1)
  Li Bin (4)
  The story mainly concerns Wuwechimatao, and how he came to found Karate. Humiliated by that most essential staple of HK cinema, the overacting bad-attitude loudmouth American arse-kicker, Wuwechimatao hops on a boat to China to learn the fabled Dog Fist. But he gets on the wrong boat, finding himself among pirates bent on kidnap and plunder. He foils the pirates' plan (to capture village children for ransom) and befriends an excessively cute kid, who just happens to be the sister of Cui Gu, champion of Dog Fist. After much crawling under legs, Cui agrees to teach Wuwech. There follows lots of cultural comparison, some very funny and warm scenes between the little girl and Wuwech, oodles of swordplay and fu fighting, leading up to an outstanding and very long climactic fight which starts in a mask festival, moves to the Shaolin temple and ends in a barn full of inflammables.