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Orders from Forbidden City (1987)
Alias : 大漠紫禁令
Origin: People's Republic of China
Language: Mandarin 
Genres: Historical Drama  Martial Arts 
Rating: II (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 07/23/1987 - 07/30/1987
Box Office: HK $1,634,685.00
  Fang Hsiang
  Choh Sek
  Goo Yuen
  Li Zhun
Action Directors
  Tang Chiu-Yau
  Lam Moon-Wa
  Gao Min (2)
  Zhang Kun-Shan
  Zhou Li-Jing ... Master Wenhui
  Chu Wan-Yi (1) ... Selan / Tufan PM's daughter
  Kwan Fung ... Witch Doctor [cameo]
  Yeung Lau-Ping ... Yi Tan-Lai
  Li Yan (1) ... Cheung Yee-Chiu
  Ma En-Ran    
  Pu Cun-Xin    
  Liu Fa-Lu    
  Jiang Xiang-Chen (2)    
  Du Peng (3)    
  Yeung Lai-Ping    
Filming Company
  Toi Waan Fong Chow
  Bao Xiao-Ran
  Yang Lin (6)
Production Manager
  Kwan Fung
  Vincent Leung Wing-Chan
  The opening credits include this statement - "This film is dedicated to the International Year of Peace, 1986". An Emperor in the Tang Dynasty agrees on a plan to bring eleven breakaway provinces back under Tang control. This involves installing patriotic Zhang Yichao as a governor, but first a hermit monk must be persuaded to enter normal life again. The monk, Master Wenhui, turns out to have astonishing skills in diplomacy, negotiation and even in tactics. Being a devout Buddhist, Wenhui's aim is to bring about the restoration with a minimum of bloodshed. Wenhui and his party encounter a number of characters along the way to meet Zhang. He is joined by Selan, a fiery woman who is the daughter of one of the warlords. His party is attacked by two female ninjas (but these are Chinese ninjas !). He has to deal with feared bandit Wang Biao and a powerful witch doctor.