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醉俠蘇乞兒 (1979)
The Story of Drunken Master
Alias: Story of the Drunken Master
Xenon DVD Title: Drunken Fist Boxing
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Release Date: 06/07/1979
  Ngai Hoi-Fung
  Wu Pang
  Ngai Hoi-Fung
  Leung Cho
Martial Arts Directors
  Liu Hok-Ming
  Lam Moon-Wa
  Si Chiu-Yam
  Simon Yuen Siu-Tin ... Beggar So [title char]
  Sharon Yeung Pan-Pan ... Gam Fa
  Fung Ging-Man ... Uncle Kau (Nine)
  Casanova Wong ... Chi Wai
  Yen Shi-Kwan ... Grasshopper Bill Chan
  Yuen Lung-Kui ... So's son
  Johnny Cheung Wa    
  San Kuai ... Cougar
  Dean Shek Tin ... Little Master [cameo]
  Ma Chien-Tang    
  Cheung Chok-Chow ... Party guest
  Liu Hok-Ming ... Casino worker
  Che Dei    
  Mai Kei    
  Wang Han-Chen    
  Woh Seung ... Thug
  Wong Tit-Hung    
  Chui San-Yee    
  Cham Siu-Hung ... [Extra]
  Unknown SB-Actor (42) ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Golden Tripod Film Co., Hong Kong
Assistant Director
  Wong Tit-Hung
  Leung Cho
Script Supervisor
  Ng Yin (3)
  Chui Yam-Yuk
Costume Designer
  Li Kei
  Mak Suk-Ming
  Cheng Keung
  Stanley Chow Fook-Leung
Production Manager
  Richard Cheung Kuen
Assistant Martial Arts Director
  Yuen Lung-Kui
  Johnny Cheung Wa
  So Hon-Sang
  Lo Gwok-Wai
Filming Location
  Misleading title. Beggar So (the titular Drunken Master) is the central character, but the story doesn't say much about him ! Plot - Beggar So is trying to keep his two star students, brother and sister team Cheong and Gam Fa, in line and well-trained. But So's old enemy Grasshopper Bill Chan and his brother Cougar cause trouble. Bill helps young Kai to be pledged in marriage to Gam Fa against her wishes, but actually plans to have her for himself.