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少女心 (1966)
Romance of a Teenage Girl
Alias: Young Love
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Musical 
Release Date: 07/27/1966
  Chan Wan (2)
  Ngai Man (2)
  Kwan Chi-San
  Josephine Siao Fong-Fong ... Yuk Han / Bo Ying
  Wu Fung (1) ... Kar Fai
  Do Ping ... Siu Ming
  Cheng Kwun-Min ... Gung Jai Doi
  Helena Law Lan ... Bo Lin
  Lee Pang-Fei (1) ... Boss Pang
  Chak Wai ... Bo Lin's male friend
  Lai Man (1) ... Mrs Cheung
  Ling Fung (1) ... Sap Sam Cheung
  Lee Hang (1) ... Yuk Han's uncle, boss
  Cheung Ho    
  On Wai-Lin ... Kar Fai's little brother
  Siu Bak-Yin ... Kar Fai's little sister
  Wong Duen ... Dr Kam
  Lam Siu (1) ... Bartender
  Lee Yuet-Ching ... Kar Fai's mother
  Leung Ming (1) ... Cheung, old teacher
  Wong Hon (2) ... Dr Liu
  Fung Ming ... Hospital worker
  Ho Pak-Kwong ... Gang member
  Lam Yuk (1) ... Gang member
  Heung Hoi (1) ... Gang member
Production Company
  Chi Luen Film Company Limited
Production Manager
  Kwan Chi-Hin
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Josephine Siao plays the main role for the first time. She no longer plays a child character. She is given three roles in the film and she is required to sing and dance. This reshapes a new image in the eyes of the audience. - HKFA