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猛龍突擊 (1982)
Concorde of Bruce
US video title: Ninja vs. Bruce Lee
Origin: Hong Kong
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Joseph Kong Hung
Martial Arts Director
  Bruce Le
  Robert Jeffery
Image provided by OS Germany
  Bruce Le    
  Pearl Lin Yin-Zhu    
  James Nam Gung-Fan    
  Nick Cheung Lik    
  Chiang Tao    
  Elizabeth Oropesa    
  Tong Kam-Tong    
  Kim Ki-Ju    
  Choi Sung-Kyu    
  Lee Hang (3)    
  Yoon Il-Ju    
  Han Tae-Il    
  Cheung Man-Ting    
  Kim Wang-Kuk    
  Kim Ki-Bum    
Filming Locations
  South Korea
  Note: 1982 is an estimated year. Cropped together from "My Name Called Bruce"(Korea 1978) and "Return of Bruce" (Phillipines 1977) [in the middle part]