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伶星大集會 (1947)
Gala Performance of Opera and Movie Stars
Alias: The Stars' Special
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genres: Documentary  Drama 
Release Date: 03/03/1947
  Sit Kok-Sin ... Himself
  Ma Sze-Tsang ... Himself
  Ng Cho-Fan ... Himself
  Pak Kui-Wing ... Himself
  Lam Mui-Mui ... Herself
  Kwong Shan-Siu ... Himself
  Tam Lan-Hing ... Herself
  Lam Kwan-San ... Himself
  Yee Chau-Sui ... Himself
  Nancy Chan Wan-Seung ... Herself
  A documentary of Hong Kong's opera stars staging its annual gala performance. A rare occasion whereby stars on the stage meet with those on the screen.