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殺手狂龍 (2002)
The Hidden Enforcers

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 11/25/2002

The name Sammo Hung alone is enough to attract thousands of viewers to see Hidden Enforcers, a low-budget film starring mostly unknown actors. Although Sammo is in the movie, the main focus is on four newcomers who play Sammo's students. Nadie Chan plays Sammo's special sidekick.

The theme of the film is ethics. Sammo Hung is a retired cop who trains assassins to do the jobs of cops, whom Sammo sees as unable to do the right things. He sends his four students to assassinate drug dealers. They more than complete the job when they kill one of Sammo's old time buddies, played by TVB veteran Sek Sau. These young fellows have only been taught one thing: to kill. They have not been taught WHO to kill. Obviously, that creates some problems as they kill good and bad people.

The ending is bitter as Sammo disowns his students for their wrong-doing, which is ultimately due to Sammo's lack of teaching. He has a flashback of the good times with the kids and with Nadia, but reality is that they are all gone.

This movie is a good example of why Hong Kong cinema is going down the drain these days. The filmmakers were obviously clueless. The film itself didn't seem to go anywhere, and there are various parts that didn't belong. It's a complete waste for Sammo, Sek Sau, and Nadia.

Still, at least the movie does have a theme. Since cops won't do the job, and trained assassins haven't a clue about anything else besides killing, just what then is the ideal way to clean up the world of crimes? This is the ultimate thought-provoking question the movie presents. Althought pretty much meritless, I did like the fact that it raised a question.