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截拳大蕩寇 (1981)
Dragon Bruce Lee, Part II

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 03/09/2018
Summary: With this cast, it should have been better...

Dragon Lee plays Lee Han San, part of an anti-Japanese rebel group who is intent on overthrowing their oppressors. He is selected to deliver a list of members to another faction, but is shot by Tan Yuer (Bolo Yeung) before he can leave. Injured, he is helped to his destination by sympathizers and manages to find his contact, Jo Chu Chee (Phillip Ko). Meanwhile, Jo’s cousin is actually in league with the Japanese, and leads them to Jo’s family in order to collect a reward. Lee escapes and comes in contact with another anti-Japanese ruffian played by Nick Cheung. His sister (Lau Ying-Hung) is also part of the rebels and everything starts to coalesce around Han San and his list. After disposing of a majority of the Japanese with the help of Jo’s daughter, Han finally has a showdown with Tan and gain revenge for all those he’s killed.

The plot has similar elements to Fist of Fury in its fervent anti-Japanese theme, with basically all the antagonists being cardboard cutouts of evil personified. Bolo and his men basically either kick the crap out of or kill everyone they run into without and discretion. Dragon is in full Bruce Lee clone mode in this movie, running around for most of the movie in the white suit made famous by Bruce in Fist of Fury, as well has breaking into every Bruce mannerism during his multiple fights. The standout is really Phillip Ko Fei, who reminds us why shapes by him are at a different level than almost anyone else in the industry. He always looks smooth and powerful in all his action scenes, and puts others to shame. The finale of Bolo vs Dragon Lee is good, but is too easily won by Dragon for no apparent reason. Bolo’s fight with Nick Cheung is much better, as Bolo breaks out his signature “no look” fight style to decimate Cheung. In the end, the film is decidedly mediocre, with a few random fight/training scenes thrown in that were clearly filmed for a different movie (Dragon’s haircut is totally different and the film stock does not match). It appears that the film was shot in South Korea as well, lending to some nice architecture and film locations.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: TEK
Date: 04/25/2002
Summary: Dragon Lee strikes again...

It's an excelent movie to watch because it has a lot of different styles of fighting... JKD asscence , Karate and Wing Chun and the most famous style of them all Bolo Yeung style... The story is another Chinese against Japenese; Dragon Lee is a leader of a group of riotees seeking liberty from the Japenese rule.... Watch Dragon Lee fighting Bolo at the end... I give that figt 5 stars because you can see the whole demostration in hand movements and firing kicks.... don't miss it...