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Ȥkջ (1990)
Angel or Whore

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 09/07/2001
Summary: Awful

Yet another example of misleading cover art. The luscious Em Chu and menacing Pai Ying in a white wig promise much. But Em appears only at the beginning and the end and, though Pai is onscreen quite a lot, he isn't really in the main stream of the story.

Much of the story follows Stone Head and Yuk. Matthew Wong is quite a handsome young man, and Shereen Tang is quite easy on the eye, but great actors they ain't. The story is uninvolving and the characters are mostly so what. Even a guest appearance by the wonderful Guk Fung doesn't help much.

I watched this film back to back with The Saviour, and the contrast for Pai Ying was quite something. Pai in 1980 was at the height of his power,and ten years later, how far he had sunk....

Life's too short to waste on this cheap drivel. Avoid, even if you're a fan of Em or Guk.

Reviewer Score: 1