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風起雲湧鬥狂龍 (1976)
Super Dragon

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 03/16/2004
Summary: sloppy choreography

Terribly mediocre fight scenes (by 1982 standards) only Taiwan is capable of producing this late. Even with stars like John Cheung, Ko Fei and Lo Lieh, whose excellence in performing martial arts can be sighted in quality kung fu films, they look just as bad; they are only as good as the choreographer's limit. The editing, camera work, customes, and acting are all subpar.

Story is quite interesting, being adapted from Gu Long's "Seven Weapons" collection, book 6 titled "Conqueror Spear." However, the movie fails to tie up loose ends as well as follow up with some subplots. The significance of some things are never explained.