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殺手假期 (2001)
Day Off

Reviewed by: Dyogenez
Date: 05/06/2002
Summary: An Assassins love story

For a movie about an assassin, and under the subcategory "bullet ballet", this story moved remarkably slow. There are no thrilling fight scenes, or well choreographed gun fights. Instead, this is a story that revolves mostly around Lok, Nick Cheung, comming to terms with himself as an assassin, as well as dealing with love, and family issues. He starts off as a stone cold killer, not letting anything in. As the story grows, so does his character, into a full character with a range of emotions. The movie contains a small amount of humor, mainly from Lam Ho Yee, who plays an incredibly cute and upbeat woman bringing a hint of life to the story, and to Lok. The story itself does move along slowly, with many flashbacks. I'd suggest if you are looking for a fast paced movie to look elsewhere, but for a love story with a little suspense, check this out.