] (1984)
The Rape After

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 04/28/2001
Summary: Average semi-ripoff

This movie has a few good points and a few bad ones. Overall, it's nothing remarkable.

The film borrows many scenes and motifs from DEVIL FETUS (made the previous year), as well as one steal from John Carpenter's remake of THE THING and even a bit from ALIEN. It's not as good as any of these films, although there are a few scenes which are genuinely creepy (a rare achievement in HK film, where horror too often means simply lots of blood and gore without suspense).

The script is pretty poor, and appears to have been written as they filmed. The scenes which work seem to be down to some skill by the director to overcome this deficiency. As always, I am very disappointed with a film where only one character survives at the end, and I'm afraid it is all too clear well before the end who that will be.

Another down side is that, despite a few good creepy scenes, the film relies much more on being gross than scary. And if you dislike watching people vomit, avoid it like the plague, as they do this almost every five minutes.

For anyone either attracted or repelled by the Rape referred to in the title, ignore it. No-one is raped or even suffers mild sexual assault. Many cruel things, but not this.

In short, a mixed bag. There are plenty of HK films worse, but don't rush to see it.

Reviewer Score: 3