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十大弟子 (1977)
Ten Brothers of Shaolin

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 08/09/2003
Summary: Lost me

Such a huge number of great fighters, including my favourite super-villain Chang Yi. The viewpoint of this one wanders all over the place. The word that comes to mind is "meandering". While it's clear that Chang Yi is leading the villains, it's still hard to work out who we, the audience, as supposed to be for and why.

The story seems to be just an excuse to link together a bunch of vaguely related fight scences. Nothing unusual there, but there are fairly long gaps between the fights, and the lack of cohesion got me totally lost and uncaring.

Anyone tough enough to last through to the last half and the final fight, please let me know if it was finally worth the effort.

Reviewer Score: 1