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ը| (2000)
Twilight Garden

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 02/28/2001
Summary: Better than i expected!!

While MilesC doesn't like it, i liked this a lot!! I was very suprised that this movie is a little gem!!
Definately not a waste of time for me!!

The vampire part of the movie doesn't make this a horror movie!! It's actually part of the comedy!! There are some very funny scenes when Michael Tse drinks blood and has some unexpected side effects.

Apart from this being a comedy, it's also a drama and a love story!! Helena Law plays a similar role that she did in "Bullets over Summer".

She's a woman who is losing her mind. Her grand daughter (Annie Wu) comes and visits. The local policeman Julian Cheung and Michael Tse start there duties at this small island because of a foul up!!

Julian starts to fall for Annie but sees her with this white guy talking. Annie says that she can only stay on the island for a short time. Annie wants to rebuild this garden that she and her grandma (Helena Law) use to run in because it brought back for her grandma great memories from the past.

The subplot in this movie is Micheal Tse's uncle coming to visit and after being bitten by some bats, he transforms into a vampire and turns Micheal into one too. There are NO gory bits here with little blood by the way!! This is NOT a horror movie!!

The movie to me was a version of the American movie "Ghost" and by saying that, i may have said too much.

I was really suprised and enjoy this greatly. A good movie to watch with your girlfriend/boyfriend.


Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: MilesC
Date: 02/16/2001
Summary: Another Aman Chang dud.

I'm only bothering to write anything because nobody else has reviewed the movie; I can't give it a full review, having turned it off somewhere shortly after the halfway mark. This is an alleged horror-comedy with Michael Tse and Julian Cheung (both reasonably game despite the lame material) playing cops sent to a small village to to collect dust after they fail to stop a girl from taking a dive off a building. There's some vampirism (Western-style; sign of the times?) and hints that the ghost of the dead girl will be involved, but most of what I sat through was lame comedy, (though I did like the bit where the two cops try big-city strong-arm tactics on a bunch of old women: "What's this, a party? Any drugs?")the low point of which is probably a '80s-cheesy fast-motion chase. All in all, despite a good line here and there, this one just wasn't worth my time.