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火爆刑警 (2000)
Violent Cop (2)

Reviewed by: ralphbrown
Date: 03/30/2001
Summary: Another Violent Cop (and not Michael Wong)

The filmmakers try to be too many things in this thriller starring Patrick Tam. The movie opens with a poorly executed car chase which establishes Tam as an on-the-edge cop, but this is as close as the movie gets to being "Lethal Weapon." Then, we get doses of "Seven" (gruesome murders and morgue visits) and "Basic Instinct" (jealous, club-hopping lesbians), but none of it is very satisfying.

About the only new wrinkle here is the fact that Tam's cop is gay. I do not speak Cantonese, but the English subtitles indicate that this aspect of his character is treated respectfully. It's not played for laughs or is used in a sensational way. I think the filmmakers should get some credit for this.

There are a couple plot twists along the way, and if you keep your expectation level down, you might not be too disappointed. I just wish someone had decided on one film to imitate.