???? (1991)
Happy Chicken

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 10/17/2000
Summary: Better than the average cheap porn

Not that it's great, but this misleadingly-titled double feature has a few features over the run-of-the-mill ultra-cheapie. For one, all the women here are busty enough to justify wearing a bra, and at least C-cups at that. And even though they're a little on the skinny side, they're all at least very watchable, grading up to panting gorgeous. In the first program, there are even fairly strong female characters, which is pretty unusual in this genre in HK. And the sex scenes are actually erotic, and for most of the time too. This is quite a change from the boring-as-hell and uninspired norm.

And Jo Jo Ngan. Wow, what a honey ! This body show is much better than, say, that produced about the wonderful Rena Murakami (which featured no nude scenes of Rena other than when she was having sex. Tsk Tsk). The direction and concept borders on the artistic and is quite beautiful to watch, even apart from Ms Ngan's obvious physical charms. I'd say only that, at 35 minutes, it goes on rather too long, and repeats too many images. Twenty minutes would have done just fine.

In short, don't expect a classic. But you could do a lot worse.

Reviewer Score: 7