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OL誘惑之各自各精彩 (2000)
The Temptation of Office Ladies

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 12/30/2004
Summary: a stupid movie.

When I heard that Pinky Cheung was cast for the lead role in a Ricky Lau production, I was happy for her. A beautiful and talented actress, Cheung has been cast mainly in small supporting roles since her arrival on the HK film scene. Earlier this year, she did play a leading role opposite veteran Simon Yam in Steve Cheng's Horoscope 2: The Woman from Hell. Director Ricky Lau achieved fame in the mid-80's with Mr. Vampire [1985] and Where's Officer Tuba? [1986]. In recent years, Lau's films have not been as well received. Earlier, he helmed Super Car Criminals with Louis Koo and Michael Wong.

The Temptation of Office Ladies is about three young women who share an apartment in modern HK. Each one has her own problems with men and career. Unfortunately, these are not likable characters. Monica [Pinky Cheung] is dating Roger who, we find out later, is married with two kids. He gives her an expensive watch as a gift when he comes to visit her in the apartment. They have sex. As soon as Roger leaves, Monica telephones Peter [never seen on-screen] and tells him that she purchased the HK$50,000 watch for herself. Of course, Peter offers to re-emburse her! Nice girl, eh?

Later Monica, working as stock broker, meets Michael, a rich client. She goes to a party at his apartment. Michael is an attractive man and Monica is interested in him beyond the stock market business. At the party, an unfathomable series of events ends up with Monica drugged and gang raped by Michael and his horny friends.

I know it sounds stupid. The Temptation of Office Ladies is a stupid movie. Poor Pinky! Her agent should be scolded for offering her this part to consider. Cheung's talent shines on screen in spite of the weak material. The writng is dreadful; no credit is given on the film. The script is, at best, a pitiful reject from Wong Jing's Raped by an Angel series. After Super Car Criminals and this awful film, Ricky Lau is a strong contender for worst director of 2000.

Reviewer Score: 3