Battle of No Truce

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 09/18/2003

Even if this movie was shot on film, it still would have recieved a low score. But the lowball production values (complete with cheesy video editing effects) are just the icing on this steaming pile of... cake. The story is generic stuff all the way, complete with useless romantic subplots and big "twists" as the cops and gangsters sell out on each other. Matters aren't helped by the action, which is staged compentently, but pulled off with little panache. The production couldn't even afford squibs -- at points, people shoot at each other with paintball guns to get the blood-splattering effect. Battle of No Truce is so low-budget that it's better left on the shelf, even if you are a fan of cheap junky no-brainer movies.