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旺角的天空3終極邊緣 (2000)
Man Wanted 3

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 08/12/2000
Summary: Average

Well Simon yam again, what can i say?

Simple plot about triads. Simon yam likes this woman, but she is married to his now dead friend, but he can' t go for her because it's against traid rules. The woman's son is in trouble with triads and asks Simon to help. ANd he does, by telling the kids traid boss OFF!!

The other story in this movie is the kids' friend, who likes his teacher and they go out (how realistic is this??) and the kids suppose to be 15 i think........and his dad has gambling debts which he is paying off..... but the kid is not all that he seems..........and because of this, the movie gets extra marks!! I never guessed it and you wouldn't of too but it was a nice suprise.

STANDARD triad movie. The ending SUCKED. Little fighting and a message saying being triad doesn't pay.