M (2000)

Reviewed by: S.A. Winters
Date: 01/22/2003

ZZZZZZZZZ...oh I'm sorry was reviewing something. Jordan Chan must have been in it. Just kidding. 4 triad assassins "killers" are at the top of their game and are slooowly coming apart. Too slow for my taste. There was a time when even though you new the plot of a film, say "The Tigers" for example, you were still treated to a film with intensity. A film with characters that showed extreme emotion in extreme circumstances. The fights were brutal, the gun play violent. EVEN THOUGH IT WAS NOTHING NEW IT WANTED TO PLEASE. No one seems to want to please here. I know there are plenty of people who like this film and all the power to you. I think I'll watch The Tigers again.

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 08/08/2002

Another movie killed by the hand of Simon Loui - at least, I like to blame him for it because it's the self-important "we're so tough but so tragic" feel he likes to write for his characters (especially his own) that kills the movie. Basically, it all takes itself much too seriously, without having enough depth or originality to justify it.

Not recommended.

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 06/07/2002
Summary: Poor

No plot, poor story, poor acting (when given the chance), and all guns! That is what Killer is all about. No surprises I'm not the only one who felt let down by this one.

Jordan Chan leads the way quite clearly in this, with evenone else performing very poorly. Even Kenneth Tsang didn't really impress me, though he wasn't exactly given much of a screen time.

Very poor, unoriginal and boring.


Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 02/06/2001
Summary: Very stylish!

Director Billy Chung made some good movies this past year. Simon Loui stretch's himself from acting in just about every movie shot in HK to writing just about every movie [just kidding]. This one and Paramount Motel are 2 of my favorite HK films of 2000. Very stylish.

Reviewer Score: 9

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 06/09/2000
Summary: Ok i guess.......

Now if your expecting LARGE amount of bloody shedding, DON'T look here!! I goto say i was very impressed by the poster as it looks fantastic. As for the movie...............

Well i didn't see there was much of a plot. It's like, we goto kill someone, then next scene they do. It just seems when a problem arises, the next scene they deal with it!! Things just happen too fast!! The movie ficuses on the 'killers' in the group. Though there are 4 'killers' in the group, the main focus is on Jordan Chan & Simon LOUI's character. Jordan Chan & Simon LOUI seemed to be the only real friends in the group. Maybe because the other 2 were insignifcant characters!! You hardly knew anything about them. And you always know what happens to insignificant characters........

I did sit through this expect lots of fighting but that didn't occur. The action scenes are simplisitic at best. The acting was good overall. Simon Lou was the better actor in this movie. The movie offers nothing new and nothing too exciting. Just a average movie at best, but i think otherwise...........

About 3.75 out of 10

Reviewed by: MilesC
Date: 06/09/2000
Summary: Utterly pointless!

What's the point of this movie? Imagine Young and Dangerous with all plot twists and style removed. What do you have? Zero. That's what you'll find in "Killer." It's not a good action movie. It's not much of a character study. It doesn't have much to say about the triad lifestyle. It's just people dying. As if the utter lack of content wasn't enough, the direction is truly lousy: stylized when it shouldn't be, (witness the numerous clumsy slow-motion shots)and straight-forward when it shouldn't be; who wants to see a long, static shot of Simon Lui humping away on some club girl? Very curious, since he had a hand in the script. Unless you're one of the growing number of Yoyo completisists, (not difficult when she was exclusively with Milkyway, not so easy now that she's in junk like this and Super Car Criminals) there is next to nothing to recommend this film.

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 03/10/2000
Summary: Still a long way for Billy to polish

Billy CHUNG Siu-hung has been very active in the film industry for the past two years. After helming "Trust Me U Die" and "Last Ghost Standing" last year, we can see his direction again in "Killer". However, his previous two movies are really sub-standard. This time he directs his favorite genre -- action movie. Will this help him make a better movie?

Tung, Po, Yung and Mantis are a goup of triad assassins who refuse to use guns, they only use swords. Outside work, Tung runs a bar; Po is on the verge of splitting with Ivy, his girlfriend of ten years, Yung lacks direction in his private life; and Mantis is in love with Pauline, the girlfriend of his enemy, Ha-fei. Their triad boss, Prince, gives them the assignment of killing Crazy Lai, only to find the target is Lai's younger brother. Can they carry out the new assignment when Ha-fei discovers that Pauline isn't loyal ... and Ivy shifts her affections from Po to Tung?

"Killer" is an action movie set at the end of 20th Century but the leading actors use knives for their operation. The focus of the movie is the days after they become famous and how they face the future.

When compared with Billy CHUNG's previous two movies, "Killer" is much better. One of the reasons for this is that it's Billy's favourite genre, and he has set up his style for some of the scenes. The killing process of Crazy LAI is not complicated, but is a typical example of CHUNG's style. The use of the stopped background enables Tung, Po, Yung and Mantis to stand out.

However, this does not mean "Killer" is a good movie. The major problem of "Killer" comes from its inconsistency of style. While you think the killers in the movie are cool with Tung's pub, the movie is ruined by Po and Mantis' love scenes. The love scenes don't do anything plot wise, and seem to be purely gratuitous.

The actors in the movie are stereotyped. Jordan ( Po ) as a clear-minded killer, looks very close to what he did in "Downtown Topedoes". Simon LOUI, as in his previous movie "Never Promise" is another killer with more or less the same acting style. WONG Chi-yeung is still imitating what he has done in any movie as a bad guy in the past. Despite the stereotyped of most of the characters, they have done what they are expected.

The lack of focus is another big problem of the movie. The movie focuses on the feelings of the foursome but it lacks balance. I can understand the lack of elaboration on Yung but not for the other three. It would be more interesting if they put more effort into developing the fear of Simon LOUI as he loses his identity as a killer. In addition, it would be more complete if there was more development of Bruce LAW as Fai since he is very loyal to the foursome.

Billy CHUNG's "Killer" is a better movie than his last two productions. However, he still has a long way to go before he makes a movie that audiences will think is good.

Written by Ryan Law, from Hong Kong Movie DataBase, on 6 March, 2000.