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薄餅速遞 (1999)
Pizza Express

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Pizza Express (1999)

When reading the film information about 'Pizza Express', I was a bit surprised by its running time -- 74 minutes. It seems that B&S Productions are running shorter and shorter. In the past the movies are over 90 minutes and then we have some only for 83 minutes. This time is another record. However, the length may not be a good indicator to show the quality of the movie. Let's see if it is the case for 'Pizza Express'.

Judging from the movie title, probably you will know that this is a movie a bout a pizza express shop. A young guy (LAW Wai-kuen) who is looking for a job at a pizza shop 'Domi Domi'. He found that the shop suddenly opens and the owner (Paul CARR) with another staff Sing (Jacuqline LAW Wai-kuen). Since the young guy picked up the job, lots of mysterious things happened. First of all, he got a customer who looks like a ghost. While he got a on-delivery order, his motorbye is out of order while he took a bus with ghosts. All these things makes he feel the atmosphere is very unusual......

The lenght of the movie has no relationship with the pace of the whole movie. 'Pizza Express' lasts 74 minutes but the actual time can be less than 70 minutes if you deduct the time for 'Not-Good' (NG) takes and the credits. However, you will feel that the movie is still too long as there is not enough stuffs. What I've said above is almost two-third of the movie. The ending is playing the tricks in an apartment for several times. The stuffs in the movie definitely cannot fill in the whole 74 minutes.

For the reason, they have to slow the pace for the whole movie. This explains why they can spend 15 minutes in playing the side tricks about the ghost in buses which seems not the most critical point for the whole movie.

Due to lack of stuffs, you will find that this thriller is not horrible but boring. The dislogues between Sing and the young guy is redundant. Jacuquline LAW has got no chane to act. Her purpose seems to be as a necessity for a girl to be the position as an leading actress.

I consider even though these Digital Video made movies are lack of resources and investment, but this cannot be an excuse to make the stuffs negligent. Now what we can see in front of the screen is a movie without enough stuffs while the takings are all typical while some of them can even be deleted. The purpose of DV movie is to give the creators another choice for making their movie with less cost. However, 'Pizza Express' is made seems to lower the investment only with no creativity. Even though you can see this movie at HK$ 25 at New Imperial Theatre, you HK$ 25 does not worth still.